Maria Castellanos grew up in a Madrid household with entertaining at its heart. Her mother’s eye for detail elevated hosting to an art form, and Maria was raised to make every occasion as beautiful as possible – whether an informal drinks or an elaborate dinner party. Inheriting her mother’s flair, Maria’s philosophy is centred on those special touches that make an event memorable.

Previously, Maria spent five years working in the fashion industry, including roles at Elle and Harper’s Bazaar. In March 2016, she fulfilled a long-held ambition by opening The Continental Pantry, a carefully curated delicatessen and wine bar offering thoughtfully sourced food and wine and personal service.

Taking responsibility for all creative aspects of the business, she quickly found her passion lay in the curation of events. Bringing together Maria’s family heritage and professional experience, Maria Castellanos Events is founded on core principles of originality, versatility and precision.